Book Review – “The Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep”

bearcouldntsleepSYNOPSIS: A family of bears have just settled down for a long winter’s nap. The snow is falling, they are tucked away in their cozy den, and all is peaceful. However, for one little bear, hibernation is not coming easily! Bear decides to leave the warmth of his home and venture out into the snow, after all, he wasn’t tired. As he wanders through drifts of snow he soon realizes that the rest of the woodland critters are hibernating as well. With no one to play with and nothing to do, bear keeps on walking. Bear eventually finds himself in the middle of a big city, but not just ANY city, New York City! What happens when the BEAR who never sleeps finds himself in the CITY that never sleeps? Pick up a copy of The Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep to find out!

REVIEW: Grab a glass of warm milk and tuck yourself in…The Bear Who Wouldn’t Sleep is an instant classic! Caroline Nastro spins a story filled with iconic New York scenery, while Vanya Nastanlieva brings this scenery to life. I cannot say enough about the beauty of the illustrations in this story. Vanya Nastanlieva’s spreads are astounding. She manages to capture the energy of New York City without sacrificing the img_3689warmth and coziness that makes this a bedtime story. The Bear Who Couldn’t Sleep belongs in your bedtime collection with timeless stories such as Good Night Moon and Corduroy.

Title: The Beimg_3688ar Who Couldn’t Sleep
Written by: Caroline Nastro
Illustrated by: Vanya Nastanlieva
Published by: NorthSouth
On Sale: 10/1/16

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