Book Review: “Pigs and a Blanket” by James Burks

pigsandablanketThe bond between siblings is an undeniable part of growing up. At times it is the most beautiful thing in the world, at times it’s strength wavers and wanes, but is always there. Henry and Henrietta are two piglets who share this very special bond. These two little piggies also share a super soft, super comfy, super green blanket. Henry and Henrietta are content playing side-by-side under their share of the blanket. As the two trade expressions of admiration for the blanket, a squabble breaks out. When the blanket comes between them, Henry and Henrietta learn a valuable lesson about sharing and the love that links brother and sister.

James Burks, author of the Bird & Squirrel graphic novel series, has written and illustrated a beautiful story that readers of all ages can relate to. The use of body language and facial expressions to allow readers to infer beyond the text, is wonderful. But, the most impressive part of this story is Burks’ remarkable use of white space to illustrate both physical and emotional distance between the two characters. The warm and fuzzy color scheme will have you reaching for your favorite blankie, and settling in to share this story with a loved one. Pigs and a Blanket is an adorable picture book you wont want to miss!


Title: Pigs and a Blanket
Written/Illustrated by: James Burks
Published by: Disney Hyperion
On Sale: April 5th, 2016

Review by: Paul Orsino

(Copy for review received from publisher)

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