Book Review: “Leaps and Bounce: A Growing Up Story”

imagesWith words and illustrations as lively as the subject,  Susan Hood and Matthew Cordell take us through a creature’s journey from egg to frog. The bright and animated illustrations engage students by floating, wiggling, and hopping through the various stages in a frog’s life cycle. Matthew Cordell’s work pairs well with Susan Hood’s fun, rich, sing-songy words. This text has a great theme that jumps from the pond and reminds us that we are all growing each day.

Leaps and bounce is an excellent read aloud or addition to any science unit that explores life cycles or frogs.

(Review copy provided by publisher for review purposes)

Written by: Susan Hood
Illustrated by: Matthew Cordell
Published by: Disney Hyperion
On Sale: March 15th, 2016

Reviewed by: Paul Orsino

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