Book Review: “Good Night Owl” by Greg Pizzoli

At times getting to sleep is no easy task. We toss and turn, we watch the fan on the ceiling twirl and spin, we flip our pillows to the cool side until we are left with a nothing but a warm sack of feathers. Whatever keeps us awake at night, we can all agree that one of the most INFURIATING reasons for sleep deprivation is an annoying sound. It starts out softly and gradually becomes louder and louder until it’s the only thing we can hear or think CVzh0KRW4AA-Mflabout.

Whether it’s the bathroom faucet dripping or the wristwatch in the basement that you can SOMEHOW hear ticking, it gets in your head and stays there.

Greg Pizzoli’s hilarious new book Good Night Owl, is one that any restless sleeper can relate to. Owl has just settled into bed with a good book and a cup of hot tea when he hears a curious noise. As Owl seeks out the source of this sound, he gets tired and cranky, VERY cranky. Has a noise ever 9781484712757-GoodnightOwl_zoomkept you up so long that you contemplated tearing down your entire house plank by plank until you silenced the cacophony of clattering? Owl knows that feeling.

Filled with Pizzoli’s signature illustrations, silly characters, and situational humor we can all relate to, Good Night Owl is wonderful read aloud or bedtime story!

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Title: Good Night Owl
Written/Illustrated by: Greg Pizzoli
Published by: Disney-Hyperion
On Sale: April, 19th, 2016
 Reviewed by: Paul Orsino
(Copy for review provided by Publisher)

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