Book Review: “Full Cicada Moon” by Marilyn Hilton

51UnPzofEWL._SX328_BO1,204,203,200_The novel-in-verse is skyrocketing to the top of my favorite mediums of storytelling. There is something so poignant, heartfelt and free about a story told in rhyme.
At the heart of this novel is Mimi, a 7th grader who has just moved from Berkley, California to rural Vermont. As Mimi and her mother travel by train to meet her father at their new house in Vermont, Mimi struggles with the great question of adolescence…Who am I? Although this is the question Mimi is trying to find out for herself, most of her new neighbors, teachers, and classmates are asking a different question…What are you? Mimi is half-African-American and half-Japanese, but she is much more than just that. Mimi is an aspiring astronaut, a thinker, and a stalwart advocate for what she believes to be right. She endures many of the ordinary troubles of being the “new girl” in middle school – fitting in, making friends, and first crushes. However, when forced to face added racial and sexist tension from her new predominantly white town, Mimi ends up finding out exactly who she is.
Who is Mimi? She is not JUST a biracial young woman. She is the epitome of  the strong-willed, diverse, female character that we need more of in children’s literature.
Written by: Marilyn Hilton
Published by: Dial Books
On Sale: September 8, 2015 (Hardcover)
Grade Level: 4-8
Review Written by Paul Orsino

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