Book Review: “Barnacle is Bored” by Jonathan Fenske


The life of a barnacle isn’t a life of excitement or adventure. Some barnacles watch marine life swim by as they are permanently affixed to the underside of a dock. Being stuck in one place can be repetitive and boring, and this Barnacle is BORED!

Barnacle knows the routine – the sun rises and sets, the tides come in and rolls out, every day is the same! Barnacle wishes his life was at least a LITTLE bit more exciting, that is, until he realizes all of the dangers that come along with an exciting life!

Fenske’s illustrations are bright and bubbly. He uses the body language and facial expressions of Barnacle to tell a lot of the story, which leaves room for readers to inference the funny realization that Barnacle is coming to.

Author/Illustrator Jonathan Fenske’s debut picture book, Barnacle is Bored, is a silly story about boredom and being careful about what you wish for! FullSizeRender (1)FullSizeRender
I received a softcover copy of Barnacle is Bored from the author as part of the Bored Bubble Blog Tour.  Other fun promotional goodies came along with my copy of Barnacle is Bored such as buttons and post cards. A big thank you to Jonathan Fenske for allowing me to be part of this blog tour!IMG_2668

Title: Barnacle is Bored
Written/Illustrated by: Jonathan Fenske
Published by: Scholastic Press
On Sale: May, 10th, 2016

Reviewed by: Paul Orsino

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