Who Are The Book Buddies?

Paul Orsino: I am a 4th grade English/Language Arts and Social Studies teacher from CT. I am passionate about children’s literature and building excitement about reading! When I am not reading you can find me at the beach or on the golf course. Follow me at @MrOrsinosClass on twitter.


 Melissa Smith: I am a 3rd-grade teacher at Julia A. Stark Elementary School in Stamford, CT. Growing up I always loved playing school in the basement, but never loved reading. Since becoming a teacher and I have discovered that there are SO many amazing books out there that we need to get kids excited to read. As a teacher it’s my job to help my students start to discover their love of reading…making sure it never feels like a chore…and continue to foster my own love for reading. I also like finding ways to incorporate technology into the classroom, however,   technology shouldn’t take the place of the student-teacher relationship but when the two are merged students have an unprecedented avenue to excel. When I’m not reading you can find me dancing, laughing, working out or pretending I like to cook. Life’s too short not to laugh. Follow me on Twitter – @MrsSmith167.

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